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Some terms and meanings

Transsexual: A person who changes sex and gender

Transkids: Non-technical term for homosexual transsexual, used mostly for political reasons to have a non-clincal way to refer to hsts as a population rather then a condition. It does not refer to agp children because they are not identifiable as potentially transsexual as children. Hsts and agp transsexuality are etiologically very different - the problems of hsts begin at the onset of social behavior and must be resolved before maturity or they will not advantageously transition.

Transition: in common usage this refers to the very definite point in the transexual process where someone announces their desire to change sex and begins attempting to live in their new role
Transkids.us member Inoue recently explained very clearly on a transsexual discussion group how the word "transition" has two differnt meanings for agp ts and hsts:
Transition is one of those words that has a social context too, like "woman"? When 45 YO married men say that they "transition" it means something very different from when a 14 YO queer kid transitions. In the first case, it's expected that "transition" will bequeath class membership upon the transitioner, in the second case "transition" reifies an already existing class membership. That's almost like two completely different social processes and social expectations.
Sex: Obviously sex can mean a lot of things but for the purposes of this site this site sex refers to phenotypical sex, that is to say, the physical appearance, rather then either genetic or hormonal or legal or "mental" (brain) sex, or any other category, unless specified.

Gender: Gender is a social concept whereas sex is a physical one. For the purposes of this site Gender will mean social gender, that is to say, gender is determined by what sex other people and society at large regard an individual.

Masculinity/Femininity: To say that something that's masculine is significantly more prevalent among men then among women, and likewise to say that something is feminine means that it is significantly more prevalent among women then among men.

Homosexual Transsexual: A transsexual who transitions young principly for social reasons. As boys they're very queer and have a difficult time socially, romantically, and sexually, so they transition to fit in better and have more normal lives in those three areas. They are etiologically similar to homosexual boys with commonalities in childhood and adolescence. Homosexual transsexual sexuality is uncomplicated, typical, and unconfused, they are simply attracted to and desire relationships with men. They tend to view transition as a way to facilitate other life goals such as being regarded as normal by peers, having an easier time getting relationships with boys, etc. (Abr. HSTS)

Autogynephilic Transsexual: A transsexual who transitions to satisfy an intense internal urge to be the opposite sex and gender. This urge is sometimes described as a paraphilia, a fetish, or an inverted heterosexual drive where they, attracted to women, want to become the objects of their desire. They are attracted to the female physical form, so their core sexuality is heterosexual (as men), but since their preferred object of desire is not another person but themselves, they have a very atypical and complicated sexuality. They often find it confusing, mysterious, and while they are in the vast majority of cases originally attracted to women, their perceived sexual orientation may shift. They are not physically attracted to men but may be interested in men to complete their autogynephilic fantasy of themselves as a woman. They are etiologically similar to transvestites. They tend to view becoming a woman as a life goal in of itself, one they're willing to abandon important features of their life such as a wife or children, job, and being seen as a normal person in order to accomplish. (Abr. AGP)

Early transitioner: A transsexual that transitions during childhood or adolescents. Essentially all HSTS are early transitioners but some AGPs manage to transition early as well. This is a non-technical term. "Early" is also relative for the two differnt types of TS.

Late transitioner: A transsexual that transitions during adulthood. In essence all late transitioners are AGP.

Primary: Earlier classification schemes typically used the term "primary" to refer to HSTS, but it's a confusing term because while most (but not all) of those classifications accurately described the symptoms of the condition, they had a poor theoretical understanding which led to awkward definitions and groupings. It is also not a preferred term because there is nothing inherently more primary about HSTS gender dysphoria than AGP gender dysphoria.

Secondary: A late onset transsexual, an AGP in early classification schemes.

Androphile/Androphilic Transsexual: A way to refer to HSTS transkids that politically active AGP transsexuals find more to their tastes since it denotes sexual orientation without implying gender. It is a needlessly technical term that is in fact less accurate as it does not represent the etiology of HSTS and since many AGPs develop a pseudo-androphilia it confuses what the condition actually is. Androphile or related terms are not the preferred term for these reasons.

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