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About Transkids.us

We want to offer an alternative to all of the agp run websites on transsexuality and present our own perspective as hsts which have been entirely absent from the recent debate. We hope that by gaining more recognition as a population that we can have a positive effect on the medical communities response to Blanchard's position so that we can get help and understanding more easily. Part of the problem with the AGP communitys position is that it excludes us much in the same way that they were initially excluded, and it takes our experience and appropriates it into their community for their own purposes at our expense. This takes advantage of us while at the same time erasing our voices. This site, therefore is an attempt to start taking our identities back from the agp ts community and to try to keep them from continuing to speak for us to our own detriment.

We are not seeking to establish a social identity as "homosexual transsexuals 'identity'", we want to integrate into society as individuals in as normal a way as possible. The only social identity we need is one that acknowleges that we are a unique population as children and adolescents who will benefit from an informed, helpful and humanistic parental and medical understanding which allows us to reach maturity with a minimum of harm. Given who we are, the nature of our development and our personal needs, this would be impossible to achieve without a recognition of the reality of our situation as a distinct condition rather then treating us as if we are part of the other transsexual population. It's not fair to subordinate our personal interest to the identity politics of the agp run transsexual community.

In the past we have tried to make our issues and differences recognized within the larger group of transsexuals and we have not been able to achieve any understanding, tolerance or recognition at all there. Late in the summer of 2004 we started talking about the idea of making a website to present our views and in October 2004 we started work writing and learning how to make web pages. Transkids.us is the first website about hsts.

2013 Update:

In the past eight years, a number of the original writers of this website have moved on to other endeavors, as is fitting for young people to do. The site continues to be maintained by Kay Brown (aka: Cloudy) since Kiira Triea died in the fall of 2012.

Anyone wishing to comment upon or discuss the website or ask questions may write to us at formertranskid@gmail.com - polite email will be answered in kind.

Love us? Hate us? Confused? We welcome your questions and comments. Write us at: (transkids.us)

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