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Proposed revisions to the DSM V criteria for Gender Identity Disorder in Adolescents or Adults and the seriously uninformed and illogical Rationale (click on button on the revisions page) for the proposed changes. We find the paper Cohen-Kettenis, P. T., & Pfäfflin, F. (2009). The DSM diagnostic criteria for adolescents and adults. Archives of Sexual Behavior, doi: 10.1007/s10508-009-9562-y to be exceptionally weak and illogical with its recommendation to replace sexual preference with age of onset as a specifier for what the sub workgroup refers to as gender incongruence.

A Critique of the Brain-Sex Theory of Transsexualism is Anne Lawrence's excellent deconstruction of the conclusions published in A sex difference in the human brain and its relation to transsexuality Zhou, J. N., Hofman, M. A., Gooren, L. J., & Swaab, D. F. (1995). Nature, 378, 68-70. Transsexuals often cite this flawed study in support of the ``inner gender identity'' theory and narrative. A critical analysis by Dr. Lawrence shows how this and other studies cannot be considered evidence of "inner gender identity".

Alice Dreger's essay about Kiira explains her early activism and her experience at the Psychohormonal Research Unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Michael Bailey's site, on the controversy surrounding his book
We like Dr. Bailey's FAQ a lot better than his book and suspect that he has learned a lot since his book was published.

Primary and Secondary Transsexualism--Myths and Facts
Anne Vitale has a number of interesting articles on her site.
Quite a good description of the issues when using terms 'primary' and 'secondary'. Here she refers to Blanchard's terms as Autogynephilic and Androphilic rather then Autogynephilic and Homosexual, but they refer to the same things.

Dr. Sam Winter's web site about transgender in Asia is particularly interesting describing the understanding of transsexuality in countries like Thailand where the social model of transsexuality is reversed from that of western culture - hsts transsexuality is the only socially visible type of transsexuality and agp transsexuality is invisable. We wonder if it is possible for the two types to exist in one culture because it seems that one tends to erase the other
Read Shuang's description of hsts in Singapore here


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